Strategy 7: We will adopt norms and systems to achieve open communication with stakeholders.

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Results Statement 1: Develop guidelines for the effective and sustainable use of two-way communication between the district and community members/organizations to advance common goals and objectives.

    The Superintendent will propose revisions to Board of Education policy/regulation governing internal and external communication. Revisions will address topics including (but not limited to) media relations, open records/public access, participation, open expression, and timeliness. The Superintendent will work with district and school administrators to recommend, develop, implement and evaluate programs in fulfillment of revised policy and regulation.
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S7.R1 Results to Date

2014-2015: The FRHSD continues to promote its Facebook presence as an additional means of enhancing communication and the flow of information to the communities it serves. The Facebook page has proven to be an effective communication tool, increasing stakeholder awareness of school and district affairs including programs, events, achievements, needs, policies, finances, personnel, etc. Through this page the District keeps the sending communities and other neighboring towns up-to-date on pertinent District matters.
As of November 4, 2014, the District’s Facebook page has 2,656 likes. Updates are made on a regular basis. Posts showcasing the work of our students and staff tend to be the most popular. For instance, a recent post about Howell High School raising funds for the American Cancer Society reached 4,746 people and received 16 shares, pushing the reach to others who may not have “liked” the page yet. Another post which had a link to Newsweek’s school rankings was the most popular post in the past four months. This post reached 34,848 people thanks to “likes” and 83 shares by our followers.
The District currently uses ParentLink to distribute important messages to parents/guardians, and to manage the FRHSD app. The FRHSD app provides an additional user-friendly communication method with parents, guardians and members of the community. Recent trends indicate that accessing news and information through cell phones and/or tablets continues to increase. To ensure consistency, the app consolidates all FRHSD social media including Facebook and Twitter sites and RSS news feeds. The latest updates from those sources are posted on the top of the app’s screen. Users are able to select the newsfeed to see a full list of the latest posts. When important messages are released through ParentLink, for instance school closings, a notification can be sent directly to users’ phones. Users of the app are also able to go directly to their child’s lunch account or to the Parent Portal site simply by tapping on the appropriate icon. The District’s Strategic Plan and the Superintendent’s office are also conveniently accessible.
The District will be switching to a Schoolwires hosted website before the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. The new website will offer a new look, as well as an integrated calendar. Visitors will be able to pull events from our District calendar and have it display on their phone’s calendar. Language translation is available with many dialect options on the new website. Visitors can easily translate the website by clicking on the “Translate this page” drop-down and selecting the appropriate language. Having a multilingual website makes communicating information easier and more effective for non-English speaking stakeholders.