Strategy 6: We will cultivate meaningful partnerships with communities near and far to provide for participation, learning, and career exploration.

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Results Statement 1: Develop standard and efficient protocols for seeking, approving and tracking community and post-secondary partnerships in order to expand the number of opportunities for students.

    The Superintendent will propose Board of Education policy/regulation to allow for wider leveraging of public partnerships toward the fulfillment of individual, school, and district learning goals. The Superintendent will work with district and school administrators to recommend, develop, implement and evaluate programs in fulfillment of revised policy and regulation.


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S6.R1 Results to Date

2014-2015: We are in the process of revising Board policy and regulation regarding partnerships (Policy and Regulation 9190) as we work toward facilitating an online database of active partnerships, developing a uniform process for community groups to request partnerships, and utilizing tools to evaluate partnerships against district mission and curricular goals.