Strategy 2: We will implement an organizational structure that promotes collaboration, integration, and continuity.

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Results Statement 1: Develop a common framework for introducing, implementing and evaluating new initiatives in order to create common language, maximize the opportunity for success, and ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders.

    The Superintendent will convene a committee of stakeholders to develop a framework guiding the implementation of all Compass and other initiatives. This committee will also assist in the evaluation of those initiatives, as well as ensure that new initiatives are aligned to this strategic plan.


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S2.R1 Results to Date

Summer, 2012: During the 2012 Leadership Retreat in July, Mr. Sampson facilitated activities with the leadership team to conceptualize the composition and specific operations of Compass. Compass will be two committees: an Advisory Panel that will develop the initiative framework and serve gatekeeping and evaluation functions throughout the years of this plan, and an Initiative Network that will gather data and serve advisory and other functions in each school.
2012-2013: The Compass Advisory Panel convened and began deliberations on a framework and to develop tools for initiative implementation.
The CAP then met with representatives of the Freehold High School AVID program to test a draft framework against a successful initiative implementation.
In the Spring, the Compass Advisory Panel completed the Initiative Framework.
2013-2014: This year, the Compass Advisory Panel (CAP) finalized its initiative framework and began to fashion tools for evaluating current programs. Compass envisions a network throughout each school. The Panel also identified the policing of common language as a chief operation for Year 3. Through this, the CAP would focus on Marzano and Common Core language, and attach it all to Compass ideals and initiatives. A first project in this direction is to “brand” the district's “model of instruction,” thus bridging Marzano, CCSS, and Compass.