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During the course of the 2014-2015 school year the Freehold Regional High School District will engage in a comprehensive self-study and strategic planning process. Dr. David Bleakley, Assistant Principal at Freehold Township High School and Mr. Oscar Diaz, Academic Supervisor at Freehold High School are the Internal Coordinators guiding our self-study. Our district will be adhering to the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Excellence by Design accreditation protocol for school systems. The Middle States Association is a non-profit, peer-administered organization that provides leadership in educational growth and improvement for its member schools. In the fall of the 2015-2016 school year our district will be visited by a validation team sent by Middle States. Our ultimate goal is for our school district to be recommended by this team for re-accreditation by the Middle States Association.

Accreditation responds to the public’s demands for improved quality and greater accountability for schools serving society’s needs. Accreditation agencies such as Middle States enjoy a unique “public trust” role in the United States. In other words, accredited schools can be trusted by the public to be what they claim to be and do what they claim to do. Whatever an accredited school says about itself has both the sanction and the confidence of the profession.

As we progress through our self-study process it is imperative that we engage our community stakeholders. Some folks are involved formally by serving as a representative on either our district System Planning Team or on one of the six School Planning Teams. Many others have contributed their voices through completion of the staff, parent, and student surveys that were available on our district website in November. Moving forward we want to encourage all to stay informed regarding the progress of our planning teams. To that end, the Compass website includes a collection of valuable resources that will keep all stakeholders informed of the work of the planning teams:


To date, the planning teams have developed a philosophical foundation that includes our district mission statement, a set of core values, and a profile of what we expect of our graduates. In the near term the planning team will be looking at student data and data from the surveys to begin to draft strategic planning goals.

Your voice is valuable. Please feel free to send feedback directly through the compass website with any thoughts that the planning teams should consider as we proceed with goal-setting and action planning.

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