Community Relations Committee Reviews Draft Framework

The work of the FRHSD Strategic Planning Steering Committee saw its first public presentation on November 17, 2011. Mr. Jeffrey Moore, Administrative Supervisor, presented the draft framework to the Board of Education Curriculum Committee, and engaged them in an activity to provide feedback on the proposed mission, objectives, and strategies that will be the foundation of the plan. Key district and building administrators, members of the Board of Education, and members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee were also present.

The Steering Committee met over two and a half days with Dr. Judith Ferguson, a strategic planning consultant, to craft the framework. Mr. Moore, who serves as the internal coordinator for the planning process, described the working sessions as adding up to the "most amazing professional conversation" of his career with the district.

Mr. Moore and Dr. Ferguson will present the framework to the larger Board of Education on December 12. That presentation will mark the opening of a larger phase of communication, including a much wider collection of feedback from staff, students, and community members.

Click here to view the draft framework. You can also see a video of Mr. Moore's presentation to the Community Relations Committee.