Implementation Roadmap completed!

Freehold Regional High School District administrators announced this week that their five year strategic plan implementation roadmap is completed. The 30 member strategic planning steering committee recently reviewed and approved 32 action plans that will lead the district on a journey towards excellence over the next five years."We have successfully tapped into the abundant talent both within the FRHSD schools and communities to produce a truly unique plan. Mr. Moore did a spectacular job in guiding the process, and we look forward to meeting the ambitious goals we have established to benefit all of our students," shared Superintendent of Schools, Charles Sampson.

Shortly after the Board of Education approved the new mission, action planning teams consisting of administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, board members and other community members began convening regularly to strategize and establish results statements and action plans for each of the eight strategies developed by the strategic planning steering committee, community relations committee and countless others from the surrounding school community. "We have a firm path from which to move forward. The work that has been poured into this project from faculty, staff, students and community members has been extensive," Sampson added. Nearly 1,000 individuals from the school community have contributed or have been involved in the process to date. "Mr. Sampson had a vision and he saw the benefit of strategic planning. In working with the Board of Education and administration, he ensured that the process was successful by securing a team of district staff and community members to work around the clock on coming to an agreement on very difficult premises in the beginning of the planning process," shared Strategic Planning Consultant, Judith Ferguson. Through a massive effort to create an inclusive strategic planning environment, the district reports nearly 700 participants via the strategic planning website. Nearly 130 individuals offered to provide more detailed consultation on draft planning material throughout the process. A public forum was also held at the Freehold Township Municipal Building in March to recruit and encourage community involvement in the process. More than 50 individuals from the FRHSD school community attended that forum. Part of that recruitment process resulted in 108 people who served on the action planning teams led by FRHSD administrators. "I learned about the strategic planning process through an email to parents, and I really wanted to get involved because I thought I could add something to one of the teams as a parent and corporate consultant," shared Lisa Lenza.

Some components of the strategic plan include the establishment of new structures that will govern the framework and manner in which new initiatives are implemented in the district. "We have these six schools that have always been laboratories for educational innovation but it has been challenging over the years to share those innovations across the district. The new research and development committee will help provide a structure for publicizing, sharing and creating common rubrics for implementing and evaluating initiatives, as well as seeking out research and consultation with folks who can come in and advise on the best ways to implement certain initiatives," explained Strategic Plan Internal Coordinator/Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction, Jeffrey Moore.The research and development committee is only one element of the plan. The implementation roadmap details initiatives across diverse areas of teaching, learning and other district operations. Action plans describe new guidance offerings, broader access to technology and the internet, enhancements to learning center and academy programs, school safety measures and more. "We've been using the metaphor of a compass to describe our planning process," Moore explained. "The biggest impact, above all of the details of this initiative, will be a common understanding across all six high schools of our direction, our 'true north.' We are one district, with one mission."

Administrators will spend the summer fine tuning the plan before releasing the official document to the public via the strategic planning website.

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