Framework Revisions

We have posted a revised framework, in response to all of the feedback we have received. Hundreds of people provided thoughts and insights through our online survey and at community and other meetings. Thank you for your participation!

We continue to gather feedback, but are also beginning to lay the foundation for the action planning phase. During this upcoming phase, teams will set detailed goals, list implementation steps, and describe measureable targets.

There's a lot of work to do. However, the action planning phase is best opportunity for district employees, community members, and both current and former students to get involved. We need people to chair and participate in action planning teams under each of the strategies that our framework advances. These teams will meet multiple times over the next several months. Their work will form the bulk of the strategic plan, and will also provide the district with the goals and measurements by which we will gauge our success.

Complete our online registration form if you are interested in participating in action planning!

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