District Unveils Proposed Mission & Strategic Plan Framework Draft

The key goals of the strategic plan draft encompassing, Colts Neck High School, Howell High School, Freehold High School, Freehold Township High School, Manalapan High School and Marlboro High School, are to ensure that: all students actively participate in their community and the civic process, all students explore and pursue an individualized post-secondary plan and all students exceed expectations for proficiency on local, state, national and international assessments. Charles Sampson, Superintendent of Schools for the Freehold Regional High School District encapsulated the academic focus of the plan, “The district expectations made clear throughout our plan are intentionally ambitious. Our overriding focus is to improve the academic achievement of all students,” Sampson said.

The next stage of planning involves development of action teams centered on the proposed strategies recommended by a 30 member strategic planning steering committee comprised of employees and a community relations committee made up of students, parents, board members and other community stakeholders. The identified strategies of the plan are to:

  • Guarantee a professional culture that is committed to excellence and the success of every student.
  • Implement an organizational structure that promotes collaboration, integration and continuity.
  • Build systems that guide students through the process of planning and achieving individualized goals.
  • Create and maintain a forward-thinking and state-of-the-art technology-infused approach to teaching and learning.
  • Implement and monitor integrated, articulated curricula and programs that achieve the district’s mission.
  • Cultivate meaningful and successful partnerships with the broader community to provide opportunities for articulation, participation, learning and career exploration.
  • Promote student involvement in school and community activities and organizations.

Administrators also unveiled a web-based strategic planning portal designed to share FRHSD’s strategic vision with staff, students, parents and other community stakeholders. The portal, identified as Compass, will serve as a tool to provide information pertaining to the strategic plan, engage in discussions and to provide transparency in communicating the status of progress. “Staff members and the public will have access to view video presentations, participate in surveys, offer insights and volunteer to take part in the planning process. Information regarding the framework, planning timeline and surveys are already accessible, and we encourage everyone to visit the site as soon as conveniently possible,” said Jeffrey Moore, Administrative Supervisor for Curriculum and Instruction/Strategic Planning Internal Coordinator.

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